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Tonya Love’s Book, I Got This Promise from My Father: No Weapon Shall “Prosper” Released

For Immediate Release


Jacksonville, FL January
30th, 2017
– Tonya R. Love’s book
titled, “I Got This Promise from My Father: No Weapon Shall ‘Prosper’” has been
launched. In the book, Tonya shared how she conquered various forms of abuse,
neglect, witchcraft, jail, foster homes, homelessness, and the death of her
youngest son, Prosper, and her own demons by learning and relying on the Truth
of God’s Word, which eventually became her refuge. Tonya has also done a music
video for the book which will be used as the soundtrack when it is eventually
turned into a play. The inspiring video and song shadows the books journey and
it can be found on YouTube under Tonyarepslove.


In the book, Tonya
revealed that she attempted suicide many times owing to the many
challenges she faced. During the trying times, she recounted how she received
an angelic visitation at the age of seventeen, and how God spoke to her
through an Apostle, of a promise land consisting of a true and intimate
relationship with Him and a worldwide ministry through her many anointed
writings. The author testifies that there are no formal institutes or teachers
that she contributes her writing and poetry to; stating proudly that her gifts
were given to her by God and although she never finished school God would
accomplish his promises over her life.
However, to accomplish this, she
first had to be willing to cross over the spiritual Red Sea and dwell in the
wilderness where God would develop her character, build her faith, and teach
her His commandments just like the Israelites.


According, to the author
the book is a true story revolving around her late son, Prosper Na’tron Johnson
and her life. God planted a seed in Tonya during her seventh pregnancy and
instructed her to name her son ‘Prosper;’ as a sign that He was going to
fulfill His promise to her. Although the child was born as a fulfilled promise
from God, he and his mother faced numerous challenges continuously until he
brutally lost his life at the age of seventeen.


When her symbol of Gods’
promise died, Tonya felt that her promise died with him. She was thrown into a
state of confusion and torment, as she began questioning her belief and faith
in God; the same God who delivered her from being homeless, witchcraft, abuse,
and even the grip of death. Tonya eventually received the understanding that the
death of her son was part of God’s sovereign plan and that he has completed his
mission on earth and has stepped into his Promise land (Heaven). She received
divine encouragement to continue her journey and possess everything her
Heavenly Father has promised her.


Despite the numerous
trials, she faced, in the book, Tonya said God assured her that No Weapon Shall
“Prosper” - against her or His solemn word. Tonya has since learned to be
truthful to God, others and herself. She has been delivered from the shackles
of sin, religion, condemnation, and guilt. Through her circumstances, she has
found faith and strength and she is now helping others share in their truth.
The author believes that the truth of God's word is our greatest weapon against
the enemy, and with it No Weapon Shall “Prosper”.



Tonya R


YouTube: Tonyarepslove


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Why You Need a DUI Lawyer Jacksonville

general benefit of hiring an experienced DUI
lawyer Jacksonville
is the fact that they understand all the laws regarding
drunken driving arrests. Actually, if you are facing serious or big
consequences like jail time, paying large fines or the loss of your license,
you will need a highly skilled DUI attorney to handle the case on your behalf.
Here are more reasons on why you really need the services of a skilled and
reliable DUI lawyer in Jacksonville.


If a
lawyer practices DUI law regularly, they will definitely know the best defenses,
applicable law, local prosecution methods and the various options involved in drunken
driving cases in Jacksonville in detail. As a result, this means that your
DUI lawyer Jacksonville is in the best position to
represent you in an advantageous way so as to have the case entirely dismissed
or reduce your sentencing or penalty. In the last few years, most states across
the country crack down on drunk-driving offenses through imposing harsher
sentencing and stiffer penalties. To minimize the effects of a DUI case on your
personal life, make sure you hire an attorney.


Discussing the Options with your DUI Lawyer


people think that the only available options when you get a DUI are to either
go to trial or take a plea. An expert DUI
lawyer Jacksonville
will generally offer some local options also. For
instance, most counties now have special DUI diversion programs where people
can earn dismissal or reduce sentencing after completing the alcohol or drugs counseling.
Hence, your attorney needs to be familiar with all the
available ways to resolve the matter in order to effectively handle your case.


DUI Lawyer Jacksonville and Beneficial Inside


When you
go to a DUI lawyer Jacksonville, you
can rest assured that they know all the players who will be involved in hearing
the case, from the judge to the prosecutor. They can easily tell you if that
particular officer qualifies to administer the field sobriety tests as well as
if he or she has ever been subjected to any disciplinary action in their record
for lying. If they discover that the officer has a bad record, then they can
get your DUI case reduced or even dismissed.




When it
comes to selecting a skilled DUI lawyer
you should consider this: no one would ever go to a dentist to
get open-heart surgery. In the same way, you should get a lawyer who is
experienced in DUI matters, including the laws and how to present the best
case. Check out
for more information on DUI
lawyers in Jacksonville.


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Protecting Everything That Matters with CCTV Cameras


Safety is of utmost importance in life, ensuring that what you hold dear is actually kept intact and away from harm. A home, a school, a business are all places where dangers lurk in the dark, waiting for the chance to invade one’s personal space and privacy. In avoidance of such threats, it is always best that the proper safety measures are taken. CCTV cameras are among the best, powerful tools that you can use so that you can enhance the security level of your personal space.


Benefits of Using CCTV Cameras


There are multiple benefits in using a CCTV system with digital video recorder at the place you wish to protect:


First of all, you enhance your control over the place. You can surveil every single inch of your property and identify the danger before it emerges. If you listen to a suspicious sound, you can check out the perimeter and see where the sound comes from. There are amazing detecting potentials in the sophisticated CCTV cameras and other security gadgets available in the market.


CCTV usually scares criminals off, urging them to look elsewhere for their next victim. Chances are that burglars do not risk getting caught in camera, and therefore they look for places where there is no visible security system in place. In this way, you can use the CCTV system as a form of intimidation.


Remote monitoring is another benefit you get when using such security equipment. Even when you are not at home, you can make sure that everything is fine via remote monitoring. You can check the CCTV cameras and detect anything threatening. You can lock the doors or unlock them if you need to let somebody in (like your housekeeper or your parents). In addition, you can get warnings about your property beforehand. So you can call the police and ask for immediate intervention, given the evidence on your security camera.


Last but not least, a CCTV system helps you feel safer and boosts your confidence. As a result, you do not need to fear, and you sleep like a baby at night. You do not worry all the time when you are away at work or even on holidays. This sense of safety is invaluable, offering peace of mind to all those who trust security systems for their property.


If you want to prevent crime from knocking on your door, you need to be prepared. Think ahead and be proactive, increasing the security of your property with the use of a reliable, high-quality CCTV system. It is definitely an investment for a lifetime!

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Surveillance Camera: An Essential for your Home’s Security


In many businesses, having a surveillance camera is believed to be one of the best ways to be protected from theft and untoward act. It also aids in the process of investigation, making it easier to find the perpetrators. Its applications, however, extend beyond commercial purposes. It can also be used in the surveillance of homes. Many homeowners, who are concerned about their security, consider the installation of these cameras as a way of having peace of mind.


Choosing the Best


Over the years, a surveillance camera became more popular because of their many applications. With this, different models have been introduced, each with the promise of being the best. However, you should not easily decide in haste. You should consider a variety of factors to decide which one to pick.


Among others, one of the most important features would be night vision, allowing the surveillance camera to provide clear images even in poorly lit areas. Weatherproofing is also an important consideration, especially if the cameras will be installed outside the house. Having a motion detector is also a good thing. With the latter, you can save on precious storage space as the camera will capture only events when there are movements that are recorded. Video compression is also necessary. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it is also necessary for the surveillance camera to have a capability for remote access. This means that through your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you must be able to monitor what is happening real-time from the area where it is installed. This is its most important feature to ensure security at home.


Making the Most from your Surveillance Camera


To be able to make it as effective as possible in providing the surveillance that you need, one of the most important things is to make sure that they are positioned in strategic locations within the home. In this case, one of the best locations would be in the front door, which is believed by to be accessed by 34% of burglars. The backdoor, off-street windows, and garage will also be critical places. If you have a baby, having a surveillance camera in the nursery is also essential, especially if there is a nanny and if you are always away from home. If the house is fenced and has a gate, the latter is also an excellent location.


Where to Buy?


Looking for the best surveillance camera? There is no need to search far. Ellipse Security has got you covered. The latter is an authorized dealer of some of the top brands available in the market. They carry a wide array of brands and models, making sure that there is an option perfect for your budget and needs.

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Criminal Attorney Jacksonville

Has a criminal case been filed against you? If yes, you must not just be sitting there and performing nothing. Recall, when a criminal offense has been charged, you happen to be essentially looking at spending time in prison. The latter, on the other hand, is only true in the event you opt to complete nothing at all. In case you choose to perform with a trusted criminal attorney Jacksonville, the law can side on your favor. With all the assistance of an seasoned lawyer, you are able to create a powerful defense, which can convince all other individuals that you are not guilty of what exactly is getting asserted against you.

The best Attorney to Fight for your Rights

At the Law Office of James Davis, you'll be able to locate the rightful option for criminal attorney Jacksonville. Backed with years of encounter within the practice of criminal defense, Davis has already handled a range of criminal instances previously. Whether you might have been charged for DUI, drug possession, burglary, or domestic violence, amongst others, the law office can give you the legal services that you need. With the knowledge and abilities of James Davis, you are able to make a robust case that can make the judge drop what ever has been initially filed against you.

The Method towards your Victory

Davis utilizes a complete and individualized strategy in every single case. Which means, no two customers are ever treated precisely the same, given the assertion that each case is unique from all other folks. Consequently, you can anticipate to become working with a criminal attorney Jacksonville, who doesn't offer a one-size-fits-all strategy. Davis will take time for you to appear deeply at the information of just about every case, and primarily based on such; he will generate a winning method.

The Significance of Operating with a Competent Lawyer

After you will need criminal attorney Jacksonville, are you able to function with just any individual? The answer is no! You'll need to find somebody who's experienced in handling your case or an individual who has a specialization in such. Reputation and feedbacks from past clients may also be essential. Should you decide on to operate with a criminal attorney Jacksonville,who lacks know-how, you will most most likely wind up in prison. You are going to not possess the chance to construct a strong defense. On the other hand, for those who pick out to function with a very certified person, there's a greater opportunity which you will wind up getting victorious out of your legal battle. Attorney James Davis can help you win your case!

Contact the Law Office of James Davis Today

Do not look any additional if you are searching for criminal attorney Jacksonville. James Davis has surely got you covered. Get in touch with their office these days and someone might be instantly accessible to provide the assistance that you have to have.

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